Learning new things

Kind of feel like this starting any new project on an unfamiliar platform Learning Javascript in 2016

What software engineers really mean

Software Engineer Cheat Sheet - we won't admit to ever saying any of these things ;)

Website award for 5 by 5 Design

We partnered with 5 by 5 Design to make this award winning site! GDUSA Website Award

weightandwellness.com launched

What started as a rework to improve the mobile experience turned into a full site rebuild and we think the results are great - check out http://www.weightandwellness.com/.

Thanks 5 by 5

Thank you Diana and Wendy for all of your help getting our new site up and running!

Don't forget to reply-all

Keeping everyone in the loop is really important - don't forget to reply-all. http://lifehacker.com/5830011/reply-all-whats-up-with-it

Radioshack 1981

Loved my color computer - and the TRS-80 was pretty cool as well. Radioshack Catalog 1981