concrete5 file permisisons

Nathan just posted a gist with some nice code examples for managing a file storage location and permissions on a file object in c5 v8. We are working on a project where we want to store documents in a secured location (outside of the web root) and programatically set permissions on the file objects to prevent unauthorized access. This is doing the job nicely!

Some solid non-technical reasons we love Vue

"But finding that sweet spot when it’s engineered well enough and also solves business needs can be difficult. And somehow Vue helped me get there faster than anything else could."

A lot goes into building a website

A lot of skills and tools go into making a great website. We put together a little interactive guide to all of the moving parts.

Heuristic Evaluations: What and Why?

Our friends at Crux Collaborative have started a podcast - listen to their first episode. It's pretty great.

Wireframing Considerations

Wireframing is both creative and technical - here are some good guidelines for capturing everything you need in your wireframes.

Learning new things

Kind of feel like this starting any new project on an unfamiliar platform Learning Javascript in 2016

What software engineers really mean

Software Engineer Cheat Sheet - we won't admit to ever saying any of these things ;)

Keep people formost in mind when figuring out your UX puzzles

UX Principles - thanks Clockwork for some wize words. It's easy to get wound up in business rules and forget about the people interacting with the things we build. Check out UX Axioms

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